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Maya Benharroch

I am a mother to two beautiful daughters and a partner to a loving and generous man. Together we are members in a small intentional community in Portugal.

Born in Israel, in a community type called “Kibbutz”, I have always been extra sensitive to any dis-harmony around me. I was deeply touched by some of the bitterness and struggle I witnessed. I took it in as if it was my own and I suffered hugely. At the same time, I wanted to understand what makes us create and then destroy love and how we can be happier in it. This became my life’s passion.

On this quest of over 20 years of self and professional development, and after my own divorce, I’ve studied and trained internationally in Life-Coaching, Rebirthing- breathwork, Group Work Facilitation, Hellinger’s Family Constellations, Theta Healing™ and Conscious Uncoupling™ among other modalities.

I’ve discovered some very basic love principles and many diverse ways of applying them. Ways that help us move from deep insecurities to centeredness and from dissatisfaction to fulfilment in order to live happier and healthier relationships.

I am passionate about helping my clients uncover the presence of LOVE within them and create its best manifestation in their lives.

I am currently working with groups or individuals, face-to-face or on Zoom, in English and Hebrew.

The way I work:

Collaborating with my clients on their path to more love and joy and to be given that trust is a deep privilege for me.

As my client, you’ll be welcomed into a sacred and non-judgmental space where we would explore what you are experiencing and where you’d like to be.
You’ll be gently guided through some very powerful tools to help you release ideas, hurts and identities of the past.
You’ll then be supported to reclaim your truest, happiest, most fulfilled Self.

Coaching is very different to traditional therapeutic work as it is mostly focused on the movement forward rather than dwelling on the past.

Some of the tools I studied, trained in and regularly use are:

Heart in Sand
  • Guided meditations
  • Conscious Uncoupling™
  • NLP
  • Family Constellations
  • “The Work” of Byron Katie
  • Rebirthing Breathwork
  • Theta Healing™
  • Focusing
  • EFT
  • And more…
“I am leaving this process with her a different person and I am eternally grateful to Maya’s support, kindness and nurturing energy”

Laura Goss, a Conscious Uncoupling client, Portugal 2022

Couple in Water

In addition to the above, I also use the following tools for Couples support:

  • Non Violent Communications
  • Imago Dialogue
  • Listening skills
“Thank you Maya, for helping us to stay together and love each other more - we bought the wedding bands and engagement ring yesterday!”

Joanne Faulkener and David Millard, Couples Coaching clients, Ireland 2022

It is also a passion of mine, together with some of my community members, to support budding communities and help them fine-tune their communication skills and community structures.
Being in communities for most of my life, I have a unique combination of my extensive experience as well as the wonderful tools I’ve trained in to be of service to any community wishing to deepen their connection, clarify their vision and resolve conflicts.

The tools include:

Group aroung Fire
  • Non Violent Communications
  • Listening skills
  • Connection games
  • Anger Releasing process
  • Basic Sociocracy
  • Forum
  • Community structures
  • And more…
“I’ve had the blessing of receiving Maya’s wisdom and guidance for the community . She expresses compassion, understanding and this inquiring finger that is always looking for what’s underneath…”

Christina Cancela Rettondini, Community participant, Portugal 2022

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