Conscious Uncoupling

With separation comes a cacophony of emotions:

Denial, loss, fear, relief, freedom, regret, heartbreak, guilt, shame, anger, loneliness, and more fears, especially if you’re sensitive…
I know, I’ve been there.

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Your entire identity is in question. You are no longer the spouse or the partner. You may be needing to change your home, even your job. Your roles are changing, and you cannot be certain as to what way life will look tomorrow. You may have children and would need to explain all of this to them even though you are not sure how or what to say.

You can separate or divorce in the healthiest, most respectful way.

As your certified Conscious Uncoupling™ coach, I’d be happy to support you through this very effective and liberating process and help you release the past, navigate the present wisely and launch your best future yet.

conscious uncoupling 5 Steps
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Turn your heartbreak into a breakthrough!

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In this 5-step program, over a course of 11 sessions, you will learn how to:

  • Find emotional freedom by learning how to create internal safety and support for yourself, while recognising past disappointments and hurts and the growth that can come out of them.
  • Reclaim your power and your life by freeing yourself from victimhood and starting to see yourself as the source of your own experience in a way that empowers and liberates you from ever needing to repeat this dynamic again.
  • Break the pattern, heal your heart by seeing your recurring pattern more clearly and how it has been at the heart of your repetitive, painful story in love. You'll have the opportunity to reclaim the truth of who you are and the full potential of love in your life moving forward.
  • Become a love alchemist and generate a positive future in your new identity with cooperative plans, structures, and agreements.
  • Create your happily even after by expanding what is now possible in your life, to include fresh new horizons, friends and interests.
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